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Every single product of ours has a story to tell.

Some is made by Mumtaz whose husband left her for another women and now she is left alone to feed her 2 years old; some  would lead to providing a week’s worth of meal to children in India; some is made by Jane,  an ex-prisoner and who is trying to create a respectful living for herself; and some other is made by Brian who is autistic. There is a unique tale of effort and keenness to find a foothold behind each of them.

However, there are a few things that are common amongst every product that Gifts for Life would bring to you –



Each product that would be showcased at Gifts for Life is environmental friendly. Our suppliers mostly follow handcrafted way of manufacturing and the material used is eco-friendly.


We relate ‘ethical’ with the mission and cause behind our supplier’s business. In addition to the defined standards that make a product ethical, we have our own criteria and the one that rates above everything else is – “what difference is the product making to the life of the person who made it.”


Our promise to you is that purchase of every product you come across on Gifts for Life would help give a better life to someone. This is our promise not only to YOU, but to ourselves as well that we will never break!




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