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We call them our PARTNERS as we are in this journey TOGETHER.

Our partners are people and organizations who share the same passion like us, passion to make a difference to other’s lives. Ones we can work with towards our shared goal, helping the lesser-advantaged people live a better life and in the process, making this world a better place for ALL.

We provide our suppliers the access to a wider global consumer. Various researches and studies conducted over a period of past few years’ shows that global consumers are willing to put their money where their heart is when it comes to goods and services from companies committed to social responsibility. We have evidences clearly indicating that there is a huge demand for products, purchase of which, would provide a better life to someone out there. It’s just a matter to provide that option to the customers and a platform to the seller. This is the gap Gifts For Life is here to fill.


To ensure that we partner with the right organization and share the same values, we have a few criteria –


Our partners must have a social purpose behind their enterprise. They could do this either by investing a part of their profit to support a cause, providing employment to the disadvantaged people or community at any of the stages of the supply chain, offering training to the unemployed to prepare them for potential occupational opportunities, and in many more similar ways.


The products you sell using our platform should be manufactured by disadvantaged people. By define disadvantaged people by (not limited to) people who live under the poverty line and do not have infrastructure or means to reach their customers, victims of gender discrimination, ex-prisoners, physically or mentally challenged, human trafficking and so on.


Fair wage, decent wage, living wage… it doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s about paying workers enough so that they can cover the basic costs required for a dignified and healthy life. 

Although we trust our potential partners and appreciate a transparent and honest relationship, we do have existing partners who help us ensure that any new partnerships we get into does not compromise adherence to what we stand for.




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