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Why sell on GIFTS FOR LIFE?

Gifts for Life are a social enterprise that aims to address the situation of poverty in the world. We provide a platform to the skilled disadvantaged people who do not have the infrastructure and support to sell their products and we also provide training to unskilled people to enable them to earn a living.

There are numerous people out there waiting to buy the products created by you but they do not know of the existence of the beautiful things you are able to create. We are here to connect you with your customers in a simple and easy way.


Fulfilment by Gifts for Life

Fulfilment by Gifts for Life is an option given to you. It means that we would hold inventory of your products and ship it out to the customers on your behalf once a purchase has been made. This option enables you, especially if you are a non-European suppliers, to increase your online sales in the UK and the rest of the Europe, and reach a wider customer base by reducing your shipping cost to international destinations. 

All you need to do is to send your products to us. We’ll store your inventory, pick, pack and ship your orders. This service will be fully integrated with your Gifts for Life selling account and provides you with a flexible, pay-per-use model without minimum inventory requirements. Gifts for Life will charge you 25% commission including the sales commission and shipping & handling fees for usage of fulfilment by Gifts for Life service.


Benefits of using Gifts for Life platform

Make Money – Using Gifts for Life platform to sell your products will display it to numerous potential new buyers. Your products and efforts will start gaining recognition and value. 

Low cost and low risk – You do not need to invest in building a shop or maintaining your own website. All it takes is to upload your product on our website and pay us only when your product gets sold. For detailed information, please visit our FQAs. 

Access international market – This is your chance to step into the international market and grow. Our primary motive by providing you with this platform is to support you and help you grow. As and when the demand for your product grows, we will support you financially to scale your operations. Please visit our about us page to learn more about our business objectives and goals. 

Save time and money We save your time by taking away the hassle of how to sell and where to sell. We save you money by stocking your products with us in case where we handle fulfillment of order for you. We hold the inventory for you and pay you for it when the product gets sold. 

Form community – The Gifts for Life platform is meant for like-minded people. We provide you with a platform to form connections with people who would like to make positive difference to his world in their little ways. It is a community to support each other and grow together.



As a seller, subject to our approval, you sell whatever you like, whenever you like and you pay us if and when your product is sold. No other charges apply. 

The revenue generated as a result of any sales of any seller from the Gifts for Life platform would be initially received into the Gifts for Life account. The supplier would however be immediately notified regarding the sales that has happened. In addition to the email notification, the record of every sale would also be automatically updated in the sellers account. Hence, there would be full and clear record to track every single sale that occurs.

For the entire sales that have happened over a month from your selling account at Gifts for Life, a consolidated sales revenue will be transferred to your account on the first day of the subsequent month.

This would save customers transaction fee while making payment to the international seller, reduce your losses for receipt on money on every single international transaction and increase the chances of conversion.




Why joining us?

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